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She always talked proudly about her family and the love she had for them. The Keech family--- Lori, Ken, Rachael, Michael, Brandon When I think of Donn instantly his big smile comes to mind. I have many memories of Christmas parties, picnics and other events ASD hosted. My heart says to take one day at a time and keep your eyes on Jesus.

The book is dedicated to Dru's teacher and mentor, John F. Our Treatment Center is also an educational facility where Healthcare Professionals learn new OT-MFR skills through didactic instruction coupled with guided hands-on skill sessions.

We also offer educational courses for patients and the public designed to teach the basics of home or office self-treatment to reduce pain and increase mobility, range of motion and function.

Always kind and caring and made everyone feel welcome.

I'm so grateful, not only for the woman I trusted to watch my kids, but for the woman who became our friend and stayed in our lives.

One day there will be a reunion in me hope. I have soany good memories...skeet shooting, laughing at your childhood stories, and most of all you calling me Rhonda Honda. I'm sending my love, hugs and kisses to you both in Heaven. I will always remember Donn as a great guy that took his job serious, but always had time for a smile and a laugh. We used to cobble things together, both of us had go karts.

Because Donn spent most of his time at the treatment plant, I didn't get much of a chance to know him like so many of the other guys, but I have many happy memories of he and Cindy at all of the District parties and functions. Never forget the track we had in back of his house, we would race each other till it got so dusty we had to stop for lack of vision.The man and woman who have raised the most funds during the ten-week campaign are awarded the prestigious title of Man or Woman of the Year in their community.The man and woman who have raised the most across the entire US will be recognized as the national Man & Woman of the year.Linda babysat my 2 oldest children for years and she and her family became our friends.It was typical that Linda and her husband Tom would stop by our house and take the kids for ice cream, or for a ride on the tractor!Today was hard to see him knowing I will not see him again this side of heaven but we can all take comfort knowing that we will see you again! May his smile and humor be remembered for a long time to come. May his smile and humor be remembered for a long time to come.