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New nodes not returned from the underlying reader may be added by this reader (for example, default attributes and the children of an entity reference).

The Xml Parser Context in which the XML fragment is to be parsed.

This includes the Xml Name Table to use, encoding, namespace scope, the current xml:lang and the xml:space scope.

When external DTDs or schemas are needed for validation the Xml Validating Reader.

Xml Resolver property sets the Xml Resolver object to use for resolving external resources.

assembly is feature complete, this document tracks bugs or ideas for improving it. They are based on W3C “XML Schema Datatypes” Recommendation and “XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Data Model” Working Draft.

Microsoft failed to design Xml Reader so that Xml Reader cannot be subtree-pluggable (i.e. It is completed, except for some remaining simplification bugs. Lluis Sanchez is the maintainer of this namespace (as well as System. Xml Reader is supposed to support strongly-typed data reading. NET 1.x is not so compliant with W3C XML Schema specification, Microsoft had to redesign System. Actually it is internally used to implement Xml Reader. It enables developers to get expected particles and attributes. It has no complicated template resolution, but works like functional languages. You might also want to learn about PHP5 simple XML API for its automatic structure inference. It skips over nodes of the following type: Processing Instruction, Document Type, Comment, Whitespace, or Significant Whitespace.