My girlfriend and i just started dating

I’ve also recorded a video to go along with this article.

Watch this if you have the time: Look fellas, here’s the thing…

To pull away and be distant when you have no clue why, right?

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But the reality of relationships is that there are two human beings involved.

I like to say that healthy relationships are a team of two people working together to climb mountains. Understand that women are ultimately attracted to men with self-respect. But too often, men do things that lose this respect.

If your girlfriend is pushing you away and giving you the cold shoulder, then I’m glad you’re here because I’m going to get your mind headed in the right direction.

There’s nothing more annoying and painful than to have your girlfriend give you that ghosting treatment.

In an Idealistic point of view, it feels really good to be the man of the relationship.

To make all the decisions and to always be there for your girl.

even the most stable women will throw you in a loop at times. It could be hormones, a bad day at work, unhealthy food choices, a creep on the subway – thousands of reasons. But here’s the truth and I want you to listen closely: women also like to test the men that they’re with.

I like to feel that our society is responsible for most of the issues people have today. The crazy feminists and the loonie liberals of society are teaching people some of the worst ways to live. And if you don’t have any clue about these tests, then you’re going to fail them.

And no one, not even the girls, give me the cold shoulder.

In fact, every girl I’ve dated has been on to be with me.

The most important lesson from my story is this: Forget all the moral, subjective, idealistic lessons you’ve learned in life.