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If a guy is talking to you and you think he is flirting, here’s one tip to help you.

It’s not just because of the time they spend in each other’s company. Subconsciously, you match the pose of your partner. When you notice how often he copies your movements, it’s a sign that he likes you, too.You can mimic someone’s stance to make him or her believe you have similar sentiments.If you like that person back, this is definitely a positive sign. One study revealed that holding a person’s gaze can lead to feelings of attraction.You can decide if you like someone in just a minute and a half to four minutes.When you hold someone’s gaze across the room and hold it for more than a second, it conveys attraction.

Someone who looks away, but meets your gaze afterward could be attracted to you, too.

If this is coupled with a smile, that is another thing.

And if a guy holds your gaze and smiles, it would be safe to say he is trying to catch your eye, too.

In normal conversations, glancing briefly to the listener is common.

When someone keeps looking at you while talking, it could mean interest.

Whether you are a man or a woman, eye contact and smiling means you find someone attractive.