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Retail sales of female sex toys have hit unprecedented highs.

The problem with pornography is that although biologically we may find it sexually arousing, there are many aspects which are in conflict with our cultural evolution.For example: * If the people involved are not truly enjoying themselves. * The depiction and exploitation of women as sex objects. The capitalist market economic system selects for short term profit - not for what is good for humans.Biologically, we have evolved to find sexual images arousing.This primitive sexual instinct is further regulated by our cultural and religious beliefs.The recent recognisation of women as consumers of the adult industry (over the past 10 years) has led to a higher demand of quality sexually explicit erotic art for couples.

It has also led to more business women becoming involved in the industry.

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The adult entertainment industry is centered around making money from pornography - rather than making good quality, educational, beautiful erotic art.

It exploits the strong male and female sexual instinct for profit, which is morally wrong.

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