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Before you have "the talk" with your new partner about whether you are in an exclusive relationship, you are at risk of being "benched." Like the sports term, where players are left on the bench as reserves, you might find yourself being someone's back-up option as they continue to look around.They may come back to you if nobody better comes along, but that doesn't give one high hopes for the relationship, does it?The convenience of dating apps has made the world of modern romance a pretty insensitive place.

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If you're "cushioning" someone, it means you're dating them but you don't think it's going to end well.

Instead of cutting loose, you prepare for the break-up by chatting and flirting with several other people, to cushion the blow when it happens.

If you've been ghosted, the culprit may resurface one day. It's usually a fair amount of time after they disappeared into thin air, and they often act like nothing happened, like a cocky reanimated corpse.

An innocuous "hey" might appear on Whats App, or something similar to tempt you to reply.

Stashing is the latest sly dating technique you may have been a victim of.

It occurs when the person you're dating doesn't introduce you to their friends or family, and doesn't post about you on social media.

According to Facebook, about 70% of us sidebar people sometimes.

However, we're not that good at it yet because studies have shown that it is nearly impossible to focus on your phone and be aware of everything else that is going on around you.

Sidebarring is something most of us will be guilty of.

It refers to when we are with our partner, or on a date, and we keep looking at our phone.

However, it soon becomes clear that this person has no intention of following through with anything they've said.