Chat kontakti Dating for a long time

Learn to love yourself before you like someone else.Source; Shutter Stock_Jean Genie_: Her standards are too high.

Source: Shutter Stocknintendoinnuendo: My one friend is totally normal and fun, AND men are generally interested in her...

UNTIL she snags one of them and makes them her boyfriend, at which point she becomes totally nuts.

It's fine to complain sometimes and to take issue with the way certain things are in the world.

But being negative about anything is going to make it hard to find people who really want to be around you all the time. Source: Shutter Stock freshayer: Not being honest with herself or guys about what she wants.

It's fine to be shy, but you have to learn how to get out of your comfort zone at least a little bit in order to meet someone, if that's what you want.

Source; Shutter Stock0909a0909: I have a friend who just pushes people away when they try to get emotionally close to her.It’s normal, and every girl who has been single for a while has been there.I’ve gotten tons of questions from you guys asking why you’re still they want a man who has a list of qualities, but can't fathom that men also have a list. O.'s to be exactly who she wants them to be - but she gets annoyed when they expect things from her. Source: Shutter Stockstephiej17: Extreme lack of confidence and inability to listen to reason.they also don't have a good grasp on what a healthy relationship is. If you don't think you're worth it, why do you think someone else would?The stories are always very similar: you’re an attractive person with an awesome personality, but you can’t seem to find a relationship that sticks, or even a date at all. After my first boyfriend and I broke up, I was basically single for four years, aside from some casual “relationships.” I know how it feels to think you’ve got it all, yet you can’t seem to find someone who agrees.